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Originally Posted by PQ View Post
I'd go to that dealer and show him your banking info. It should show the cost on your paperwork. That is like a 4500.00 option here in the states.
but i don't understand how this can help me to receive the GM USA document about the technical data or that those wheels can be mount on the camaro 2012.

because the problem isn't the car dealer, is GM/Chevrolet Europe/USA.

GM/Chev Europe can't give me document because for european camaro has only omologate the 19 and 20-inch wheels and they told to contact GM USA.
GM/Chev USA wan't give me support because i'm not resident on USA and told to contact the GM/Chev Europe...

I'm in a big game of ping pong from/to USA-Europe

And for me i need only a GM USA wheel technical data document or a document where is write that those wheels can be mount on the camaro.

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