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Originally Posted by jlawrence613 View Post
YOU said bolt-on. Bolt on V6 and 113mph dont mix. There is plenty of figuring out to do there...

For 95% of the car world, Nitrous isnt bolt on. And as far as him not running a 13.0, either you or him is lying...

You seem to have foot-in-mouth disease. Either that or you are very naive.

Does it not stand to reason that all your other friends cars that you tell tales about are in fact on the spray as well?

It appears that due to conditions of the track where you are, N/A cars suffer greatly. The fastest bolt on cars from the big 3 are stuck running mid -13's when they are really mid 12 second cars everywhere else. And here is your stock g35 running neck and neck the whole way.

Umm, lol. See him and I are part of a local car group(on facebook) were we submit our fastest all time 1/4 mile slip. He posted his best time as 13.2 @ 112.9 mph in the group. Not a big deal either way.

No some cars are more affected by the air here than others, simple as that.

There was a stock Lexus IS-F that ran 12.9 @ 112 mph, my friend's best run in his intake/tune SS was 13.4 @ 105 mph, best run in friends SRT8 Charger was 13.2 @ 108(intake/tune/cat delete) last night.

There was speed3 with tmic heat soaking bad and trap went from 103 to 98 over the course of the night.
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