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Originally Posted by hypurone View Post
Weird! I am getting this exact setup done in May! Though I may not reach 500whp as we only get 91 octane in Kali... My guy says it will be 480+ at 8psi, plus I don't wanna have to run it at the ragged edge of the tune just to get to 500...

Hey Barton, how are the pulleys marked to identify them? Are they stamped with the 3.6 or whatever on them? Just wanna be able to verify it was installed and am able run up to 8psi...
Yes, The pulley size is engraved right on the front of the pulley.
I would highly recomend Headers and a CAI (if you can) to allow for better air flow.

Keep in mind. I AM NOT A TUNNER. Just a very happy Maggie customer.
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