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Originally Posted by camaro1 View Post
stall converters are a great mod,, the only issue i see is people trying to lock the tcc at wot,,, yes i know the factory converter locks at wot but the factory engine hp and tq is a lot less than most of us that are modding out our 2010 L99 cars. and until someone makes a custom O/S for the TCM i don't see any way to get back to the basics of an ON/OFF TCC apply.

also as posted already,, the TCC clutch does not even have as much surface area as a manual trans car and it is submerged in fluid,, how much hp could you expert it to hold..
Agreed the high horsepower cars will/are having trouble holding WOT lockup even with a converter designed for 1000HP. The problem is the regulated apply pressure and the 109.9 cap coded into the OS. This can and will be changed.

It seems PWM is actually deactivated in this OS/TCM. GM uses another type of pressure regulating theory based off multiple tables. My guess is there is a table with an axis like (Estimated Engine Torque V's TCC Apply Pressure). You can watch logs where the pressure scales in as the engine torque increases. Could be TPS based too, but that's the stuff we are looking into. The cap of 109.9 is an easy re-write, the trick is finding which tables will allow for full and instantaneous lockup. You can achieve this with the VCM scanner as you know, but your only getting 109.9 psi. Not enough for seriously modified engines.
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