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Originally Posted by quick89 View Post
Glad to see this thread finally come up!
just in case you guys dont know who i am this is Cody Smith that Kyle is talking about
Glad to hear you've moved on and up.. Kudos to you...

Originally Posted by Kyle.Gilmour View Post
That was the same day wasnt it! Did we meet that day? Its hard to remember.. i kind of blacked out after i sat in the IOM 2SS
Same day... we met briefly as I was talking to your buddy that was there with you. I was there w/ Superman09 from College Station...

...and yes the IOM w/ CGM stripes had us all drooling

Shoot me your flight info and I'll pick you up... I need to go that way and see how my car is progressing too...

P.S. I heard they took yours off the Dyno so mine could go on first...
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