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Originally Posted by JMAN311 View Post
The performance numbers for the G8 GXP have been out and they vary quite a bit. Heck, even different articles in the same magazine (MotorTrend) show between 4.5 and 4.7 sec in 0-60. Also anywhere from 13.0-13.4 sec through the 1/4 mile for the GXP. Maybe it's just the difference between the manual and auto trans, they never really specified much about it.

The G8 GXP weighs a bit more and has a bit less power so I would hope that the Camaro SS manual will be good for high 12's in the 1/4 and at most 4.5-4.6sec 0-60 times.
Originally Posted by mitchell87 View Post
Well magazines have tested the G8 GXP anywhere between 4.6-5.2 so i would asume a 0-60 time of 4.6. Camaro has a few more ponies and weighs about the same. So with a good driver im going to say 4.6 seconds to 60 and 12.8 in the quarter.
Originally Posted by 96CAMaro View Post
V6 -- 0-60 5.9s, 1/4 14.3
V8 -- 0-60 4.6s, 1/4 12.7-12.8 (anything slower than I will get a Corvette instead. There is no way I am going to be on par with a 4.6L Mustang with over a 100hp difference [422-315 = 107hp]).
Originally Posted by Mosher View Post
Well I'll try too!!
0-60 : 4.6
1/4 : 12.85@112MPH (perfect day and conditions)
Slalom Speed: 69.5mph
200ft skidpad: .97g
Braking 60-0: 115.01445214542 ft .... EXACTLY!!
Originally Posted by Gary B View Post
I'd have to agree. My 95 Z had about the same hp as the 10, and with gears and decent traction, I went low 12's at 114. I'd say with a good exhaust gears and traction, low 12's are within reach. A few mods and 11's will be right there!
The optimism and hope is strong in his thread.

In all honesty, I would also like to see the SS dip into the 12's, I just don't think it is going to happen in stock trim on the stock tires. 3860/3913 is a lot of weight to get moving from a dead stop (trust me, I know). Yes, on a perfect day, with a perfect driver, with some sticky tires and a great 60ft time, I'm sure it will happen, but please, let's not hold that up as the norm if it does.

As for the skidpad numbers, I think some of you that are looking for .94g's or better are going to be disappointed. It's going to be very hard to build a mass-produced car and get those kind of numbers. Remember, production cars have to please a large cross-section of buyers so they by nature have to sacrifice in some performance for the sake of ride quality, smoothness, etc. Does the Camaro chassis have the ability to put .97+g's sure, but not on the suspension this car will be delivered with. Again, I hope I am wrong.
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