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Originally Posted by AH17708 View Post
Since day one the word has been that the camaro pricing would be competitive with the with that sad..i cant help but wonder why would the camaro ss which will be around at least 100 more hp than the mustang GT only run about a thousand more...and then consider that a charger srt is easily over 40k pushing 425 hp...i would be the happiest guy on the planet if its around 30k but is it just me or does this not seem that realistic?
I agree completely, GM has said "priced competitively" and I have to think comparitively as well. A solid axle 300hp Mustang GT = 425hp IRS RS/SS Camaro? From website the Mustang prices are as follows; Ford Mustang 2009 Vehicle Comparison Printable Report Ford Vehicles.pdf

Base V6 -----------------------$19,735.00 210hp
V6 Premium ------------------ $21,735.00 210hp
V6 Pony Pk --------------------$22,485.00 210hp
GT------------------------------$26,425.00 300hp
Gt Plus-------------------------$28,375.00 300hp
Shelby GT500 -----------------$42,685.00 500hp
Shelby GT500KR --------------$79,995.00 540hp est.

You decide what you think is realistic, I truly hope and pray that the RS/SS comes in at 29K. I believe, IMHO, it will probably come in somewhere between the GT Plus and the GT500 and closer to the GT500 for the RS/SS. Your definitely getting more than the GT Plus in the SS but you may be getting slightly less than the GT500 with the RS/SS. I say less only from a hp stand point, overall the Camaro brings much more to the table.

I sure hope that if this logic is correct that the Z28 isn't priced competitively with the GT500KR

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