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Originally Posted by NJ-JRS View Post
I tried re-oiling CAI intake filter twice now
How many miles did you have on the CAI? And why on earth did you re-oil it twice? Sounds to me like you may have too much oil in the filter and it's fouling the mass airflow sensor or restricting airflow into the engine.

I would clean the filter and remove the excess oil, then re-oil the filter per the instructions. Clean the MAF sensor, and also remove the CAI intake tube and wipe out any excess oil that is in the tube, make sure you unplug the battery while you're doing this to reset the ECM. When you get everything back together, reset the mpg on the DIC and take it for a drive. It is also possible that you just have bad gas since the car sat all winter.

My thoughts....

Just a suggestion, you should post this in the LFX section, you'll probably get many more responses there.
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