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Originally Posted by Inferno1LE View Post
Today I called EBC and talked to them about the YellowStuff pads. After I explained my situation, they said that the YellowStuff really aren't the best application for a Camaro because of the weight of the car and also because I don't put many miles on the the car, so they most likely would never be fully bedded in. They said that their BlueStuff pads come pre-bedded, and have better initial bite and a better heat range. Also, they said that they work just as well on the street as the YellowStuff.

They then told me that they are sending me a FREE set of their BlueStuff Pads!

I have to say I was shocked, and I really wasn't expecting that. I can't thank them enough considering the price of pads these days.

I'll let everyone know what I think about the new pads after I get them on the track.
That's great they are doing that. I was thinking of trying the new orange stuff (step up from blue). I ran the blue stuff on my G8 and liked them pretty well, I'd take them off though if you do much daily driving. I was lazy and left them on and the wife's daily commute used more than I thought, so I only got four track days out of them. Our track is murder on brakes I'm expecting to see 140+ at the end of our longest straight then its hard braking for a 90 degree turn.
Sorry I didn't see this post in time to give you my feedback I've only had my 1le for less than two weeks. I'll be waiting for your review to see how you like the blues, my next track day is Sept 14th & 15th.
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