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Unhappy 2010 Exterior Is Breathtaking- Interior is too cramped

I bought my Camaro in 2001 when my kids were 9 and 6.

8 years later, I can still fit them back there on short rides when the primary family people hauler is not available.
The car still gets second looks and complements all the time-
My teenagers are fighting over who will get Dad's hand-me down.

I'm 5'10" with a tall trunk. I've never used the T-top liners because my hair would touch them.

I fell in lust with the exterior of the new Camaro. I spent many hours deciding colors, options and features before going to the dealer.

From the driver's seat, the cabin in my 2001 feels as large as a full sized sedan. From the driver's seat, the 2010 SS feels "cozy" is a positive way.
I was ready to put in the order and then I thought, why not get in the back seat just in case I need to throw my teenagers back there.
The shock was demoralizing. There was less than three inches between the front seat and the front of the back seat- no room for placing even a leg without a foot. In my '01, there is 6" and that is cramped but tolerable. The 2010 Camaro is a two seater for normal sized adults- the rear seats are a totally impractical use of space. I suspect it would even be impractical for babies and toddlers because there is no place for an adult to place a foot in the back seat to buckle in the toddler.

I thought the Vette was supposed to be the 2-seater in the line-up?

I'm so disappointed.

Just curious- has anyone found a use for the back seat?
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