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The site does still re-size them but it seems the parameters were increased to allow bigger pictures before they are re-sized which I don't like as well. They are too big now. Vbulletin has settings to adjust for that.

Another thing that helps is after you upload pics "embed" them into the post.

AFTER you up load the pic...
Put your cursor where you want the picture and Click the arrow next to the paper clip and then click the picture name. In this case Capture (1).jpg

Name:  Capture (1).JPG
Views: 100
Size:  18.6 KB

It allow you to put text between pictures as well. I embed a ton of pics on this site so they look better. Especially in the op where it has the big line around the pic.

Looks much better this way and saves a little space on those HUGE pictures.
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