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Originally Posted by Bobby @ LG Motorsports View Post
Method 1 works best. All of the LSx twins we have done, we have not had the need for method 2 yet.

I set all of my TT LSX cars to this, initially.

SP1-0, GP-6 SN 20
SP2-10 GP-7 SN 20
SP3-20 GP-8 SN 20
SP4-30 GP-9 SN 20
SP5-38 GP-10 SN 20
SP6-48 GP-12 SN 20

This should be-
SP1 6-7
SP2 8-9
SP3 9-10
SP4 10-12
SP5 12-14
SP6 14-16

Overboost is 18 psi, which will flash at you, and then revert back to lowest boost setting. It basically dumps the solenoid for engine protection. You need to set your overboost to what ever your max boost is before it breaks parts, or run out of fuel, etc.

Thanks Louis, I'll try that one.
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