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Originally Posted by PQ View Post
I want to but there is no room up through the center area. it's either right behind the cats or where the pipes turn in or back by the diff. where the pipes turn in might not be long enough.

Right behind the cats might be too hot???

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time to get the sawzall out...

seriously tho... if they can fit exhaust diverters in that area, you should be able to fit cutouts in there... just sayin. go check out the diverter threads and see where they have them mounted. worst comes to worst... get the hammer out and make some room

Originally Posted by GTAHVIT View Post
read my 3" exhaust knock sensor thread.
yeah, but he's only got 2.5" exhaust remember...

Originally Posted by PQ View Post

Ya, well I bought the straight kind that fit.
one of the few mods you haven't nearly killed yourself over... yet...

Im seriously waiting for you to come on here telling us you cut too much out of the exhaust and are trying to piece it back together...

Originally Posted by GTAHVIT View Post
depends on the cutouts I guess. the knock sensors detect noise... and cutouts that are too loud can set them off with out any metal to metal contact if they are too loud.

I would keep them as close to the rear as possible. but that's just me. Ask spike what he thinks.

knock sensors are oxymoronic. they don't detect knock, they hear sounds and if the sound is just right, the ecm will pull timing. that being said, I ran open headers for over a year straight and the only timing retard I ever saw was the guy with a stopwatch at the dragstrip...

Originally Posted by PQ View Post

So you deciding to move some of the deleted post from the ladies thead to my thread now?
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