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Originally Posted by PWND View Post
yeah... same here... most of the paint has actually already come off of my tires... and now it looks like the paint around the edge of the seat is coming off too...

on a related note... I am starting to think I should not have eaten all those paint chips I found over by the powerlines where I nap... is Gunn going to fix it for ya?
Going to talk with them, may have to be Geared Up who did the install. Or I may just have Jacks do the touch up with his paint match after seeing Chris and Connie's heritage grill. I don't think they are using the same soft water-based paint that GM is. I have a few things to get painted so was going there soon.

Originally Posted by Bad2SS View Post
On a truck site I used to frequent they had this problem when installing some types of mudflaps. They would take the mudflap off and put a layer of 3M Rubberized tape (I think that's what it was) in between the mudflap and body. Problem solved. If I remember right it was this stuff...

I was thinking of something along this line as a possible fix but it appears it is only one side and the splash guard was mounted just a little off.
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