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Originally Posted by Granatelli View Post
You and I are on the same page and same side - I hope others realize that as we banter about the finest points.

I have a Detroit Deisel in my motorhome and it is single turbo "yes compound" into a roots blower. My fathers is a twin turbo forced through a bigger roots

Words from Detroit website

Over the years, Detroit has been the most successful engine used in most passenger buses. Using the tried and true 8v92 making 500hp and 2100 ft/lbs trqe these engine achieve greatness by twin turbocharging the commonly know roots style compressor (supercharger) What is unique in design is the lack of a belt driven appendage. The blower is driven off a gear connected in the center of the crankshaft. Recently however, companies have strived to meet ecological standards. Most recently Detroit, which had the famous 6V92 in all MC9s, a single turbocharged application compounding through a smaller but similar design roots blower, now offer their 4 stroke series 60, 300-500 hp engines. This is a great engine, but it's fairly new; less than 15 years in popularity, and is also one of the most expensive ones in the marketplace. They average between $18,000 - $27,000.

As for class dominance - I see you sell Hellion Turbo kits - Yet Hellions' flagship car is a Procharger blown engine package - thier turbo car witht he same engine and bigger tires can't go as fast - perhaps now (not sure) but for a long time.
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