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My Experience with Iconz Wheels.

I thought I would post this here as this is where I found out about Iconz Wheels.

Initially I was going to get rid of my GTO and get a new Camaro. I wanted to get some wheels for that and saw some very nice looking wheels on here from Iconz Performance Wheels. So I contacted them on Jan 25, 2010 about some Camaro wheels and figured when I was ready I would go through them.

As things worked out I am keeping my GTO. I can't bring myself to get rid of it, as I've put far too much into it. Since I was now keeping the GTO I figured I'd do something a little more to it. On Feb 23, 2010 I contacted Mitch at Iconz about getting some 3pc forged wheels for my GTO, and he said they could help me with that. Mitch was always very prompt on his replies and I was very impressed with the service.

One condition of me ordering wheels from Iconz though was that I wanted my wheels by May 1, 2010. Every year where I live there is a very large car meet with over 250+ cars that people first bring out for spring. I don't get to make it to many shows/meets but I always set aside time for this one. So I wanted to have my wheels on for then. When I asked Mitch if I could have my wheels by then he replied,

"Yes, I guarantee them to you by the 2nd week of April at the latest!! You will have them before that though.

So are we ready?

So I sent Iconz my deposit for 50% of the wheels cost. At this point I was very pleased as Mitch always replied VERY fast and I had a TON of questions since these wheels are pretty well 100% custom (I had to take all my own measurements and send them to Iconz as they have not done a GTO before) and he answered everything with no attitude or not in a condescending way at all.

Fast forward to April 5, 2010. I sent an email stating that I would like to add some tires to the wheel package for when they were ready. Mitch got me a price and I ended up going with some tires through them. They definitely weren't the cheapest, but I figured the reassurance that someone competent was mounting them to my new rims was worth the extra money.

April 7, 2010 I sent an email asking if I'll get a picture of the wheels before they get sent out. Mitch replied,

"Yes you will!!!! The wheels are ready, wheres the check!!! "

I was ecstatic. Now I knew I ordered the tires only a few days before so I was expecting a bit of a wait. On April 16, 2010 I sent Mitch and email asking if he had any good news for me. He replied,

"Today is the day for shipping!!!

Good news? lol

So as you can guess I was extremely excited. I asked Mitch if I'd get a tracking # when they shipped and he said that he was headin out to the Camaro5 festival and would make sure somebody would send me that. I never heard anything all weekend. So Monday I ask Mitch what happened and he said there was a delay due to customs as I am in Canada. He assured me they would go out the next day though (which was April 20, 2010).

I never heard anything the next day so I sent this email at 3pm.
"I'm starting to get pretty concerned. My wheels have (supposedly) been ready for 5 days but they are just sitting there. Now I know paperwork hold ups don't take this long as I ship things internationally all the time, so is there something more serious that
I should be informed about

Mitch's reply,
"No worries Dana, they are shipping today !!!! "

I questioned how late in the day it was and he replied again,

"They are def. shipping today.."

So I don't hear anything back AGAIN. So the next morning I sent an email saying,

"Good morning Mitch,

Being that I never received a tracking # yesterday, does that mean my wheels still haven't went out?"

His reply,

"Hi Dana,

Your wheels DID ship yesterday through Bax Global.

I will get you a tracking number today.


So I wait for a tracking number and I get nothing. So I took it upon myself to call Bax Global and see if they had shipped. Bax Global tells me there is nothing coming to my Postal Code, my name, or my company name. So I sent Mitch an email stating that I was not very pleased at all and would like to know what the hold up is, since I was told the wheels were finished and just waiting to be shipped.

Mitch did send a reply admitting that they screwed up and they were short handed and such, but the most important part of the email was this,

"I will make sure that i personally see your wheels loaded onto the truck tomorrow."

Which would have been Thurs April 22, 2010. Thursday rolls around and I
ask Mitch what is going on and he tells me that he's got the wheels coming to me by Monday the 26th since I stressed to him that I would very much appreciate the wheels before May 1st like I originally set as a requirement.

The day goes by and I get no tracking # again. So Friday I call Bax and they STILL don't have anything coming to me. So I send Mitch an email,

" Hi Mitch,

Who did you use to ship the wheels? Bax Global still has nothing coming to me.


So he sent me a "pick up number" which meant the wheels hadn't even been shipped yet. They were supposed to be picked up that day (which is now Friday the 23rd). I ignored that fact because i was just happy that my wheels were FINALLY shipping. So I call Bax and they tell me that the wheels will be to me on the 28th. No big deal, that still gives me time but it's cutting it pretty darn close now.The weekend rolls by very slowly as I'm so damn excited to get my wheels...

Which brings us to today...

I phone Bax to see if everything is on schedule and what do they tell me? They tell me that the pick up number that I had has been canceled. The lady from Bax did some digging and called the local shipping company and they relay the message that a Bax driver showed up on Friday at 3:30 and a fellow named George said the package was not ready. So Bax went by again today and the package was still not ready. So as you can guess I'm beyond angry right now.

During the process of typing out this novel of an experience I have been in touch with Mitch though, and he is claiming that it is Bax that is misinformed and they must have the wrong information. He now assures me that I will still have my wheels this week.

Through this whole thing if I was told that there was going to be a delay from the start I would have been fine with it. All the false promises is what is leaving the bad taste in my mouth. Something definitely is not straight somewhere as I was informed that my wheels had been mounted and balanced on April 16, 2010, and now it is ten days later. I really don't understand how something that is completed can just sit there and not be sent out.

I will say though that up until the period when my wheels were supposedly ready to ship the service was absolutely great. It's been this last 10 days that things just fell apart. Now I know that Mitch could be getting false information as the wheels are shipping from California and he is based out of Florida, but somebody at Iconz needs to get their crap straight.

I was going to delete this whole thing, but I figure since it has made it to this degree I'm still going to post my experience here. The internet is a very handy tool when it comes to getting business and advertising, but it's also a very handy tool for concerned consumers.
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