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Originally Posted by wylde1 View Post
My saturdays are usually spoken for if it's nice outside. takes me like 3+hours to get 'er done right

pre-rinse, spray tire cleaner and goo gone for the bugs and let soak, soap and hand wash with microfibre mitt one panel at a time, rinsing often so no soap dries on, scrub brake dust off wheels, hand shammy dry whole car, wet shammy to clean door jambs, trunk and hood gaps, Mcguiars Show Stopper detail spray, Turtle wax tire shine.... and that's just the outside haha I've only had the car since March 26th and already waxed it twice and clay bar'd it once.

it's an obsession... I am not healthy
Sounds like fun to me. lol

I got a system down. I literaly take about 10 minutes per day, and an hour on the weekend and it stays clean. AND shiny.

My car NEVER looks gray. I've had a few clients ask me how I keep that black so clean all the time. Even my dealer mentioned it. Not hard at all once you get a system down.
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