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Originally Posted by 21STCENTURYMUSCLECARS View Post
I would say the exhaust is more restrective on the Camaro, a dual mode exhaust would be the ticket, I bet someone has one in the works.

We are really ramping up our Camaro offerings and almost have as many Camaros in the shop as Vettes, including 4 presently getting Magnachargers.

Let me know if I can help you with anything, I would sincerely appreciate your business.

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John Page
I wish I was a little closer to your shop. I'd love to come by and see all the eye candy!

It blows me away how folks can look past this system and wait for other rigs that may or may not be any better. I guess I can understand it if your goals are 750+ rwhp and you need a bigger blower. But, for most Camaro owners, the Magnuson TVS is going to be tough to beat. It's equally at home making 450 or pushing things a little to 700+. Works good, looks good, and it doesn't break. Isn't it even EPA approved?
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