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Originally Posted by XanthosV6 View Post
So, I think I've finally come up with what I want my final, completed camaro to look like, and I want your opinion on it. A simple Good/Bad is enough for this poll, but please give a more detailed reply if you wish.
- Xanthos

P.S. - Credit must also be given to bret03 in this thread for doing the original hood stripes and wheels that I based the rest off of...
Looks good, but like others have stated it's all personal taste as the car is your baby and yours to chose on modding.
I have a silver '97 Z-28 and wanted to go with the black rims / chrome lip, but looked odd to me (ricer, no offense, just my personal opinion). I went with a set of chrome C6 18's and made the car as a whole stand out and really improved upon the apperance. I like the hood pin idea as well as painting the calipers. Each to their own and mod it as YOU see fit, NOT what others think. Drive it like ya stole it and keep the faith. ")
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