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Odered from Heritage

Originally Posted by opsldo View Post
I live in Virginia Beach too, ended up ordering from Heritage Chevrolet in Chester. They gave me the GM Military discount and -750.00 for USAA. I did it all by fax and email so I am pretty happy. I can't believe the dealers in this area won't sell the cars for MSRP at a minimum. I hope that people in this area do not do business with them in the future. Eventually they will have to sell them at or below MSRP.

We did go drive a 2LT that is at RK Chevrolet. Just a little way to get back at them. Told them if they want to sell cars they may want to stop trying to rob people and look to the future for customers who will recommend them to their friends and family.

I ordered my 2SS/RS blk/blk L99/A6 from Heritage Chevrolet in Chester, VA this weekend (6/27) at MRSP. It was worth the 90 mile drive from Chesapeake. They even gave me a quote on my trade in that would be honored unless something drastically happened, ie: wreck/repair/excessive mileage. (2004 Corvette Convertible less than 25,000miles). It will not be in until October. What time frame were you given? I still have not been given my 1100, so I will call/email and get that this week just to make sure it has been put in the system. They seemed very upfront and honest. Only time will tell!
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