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Originally Posted by sgseward View Post
After months of looking, I'm getting ready to order a 2011 IOM 2SS! I've spent months researching all of the options and I'm ordering because I want to get exactly what I want and I can't find it in the local area...and I missed the ordering deadline for 2010's.

One option I don't understand. The interior accent panels. My wife and I mulled going with the IOM leather, but we've decided to stick with black. I've seen cars with Black door panels, Grey door panels, and of course, the Orange. I see the option for the IOM panels, but I've yet to see a car without the gray ones except in pictures here. Can anyone explain?

One thing for sure...looking at all of the IOM cars is driving me crazy!

I can't speak for 1SS, LT's or LS's. But I have a 2SS/RS and it has the IOM panels. I think it may be part of the RS package.
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