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Originally Posted by Lil'BlueCoupe View Post
True......but who reads VINs other than a potential buyer down the road? The VIN will still say it is an LT and an LT is set up for the RS package if added at a later date from purchase.
It is a mass produced car and a V6 RS Camaro is the majority of the V6s, ya a future buyer might take notice of the VIN lacking the RS notation but if they are THAT concerned then they will be smart enough to notice that the car has all the RS goodies anyways.
Besides that every time I have sold a car the buyer was only concerned normally with what is in the car, they don't care if I bought it with a certain package that was offered at the time of purchase, they just want to know what all I have in it, I know this because I have an 04 Monte Carlo SS supercharger and it is a Dale Jr Signature series. I have had it priced many times and the signature series (even though it is reflected on the VIN) doesn't , make a difference at all when it comes to price, the potential buyer is basically glad to hear that it has a supercharger and all the bells and whistles, they dont care if it is a signature series.
I have to disagree, with just about everything you say. Buyers know that a factory or even dealership installed supercharger is more reliable and more valuable. And true gear heads read the VIN and will know this guy is kidding himself
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