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Originally Posted by itsadryheat79 View Post
@ 35K I would assume this is listed as maybe a numbers matching or a true SS car.

I would have the numbers verified by a professional -- it's a small price to pay if you are unfamilliar with what to look for.

The car will be worth more and hold it's value if it comes with documentation like the original sales receipt and protecto plate.
Keep in mind that clones can be made so the VIN and trim codes alone are never enough to verify its a 100% true SS.

I am only telling you this because I know of a couple of people that found out only after that they should have $$paid more attention to the details. Often times 2nd 3rd or 4th owners have no idea that they have a clone. Unless the owner has the documentation it's always going to be a question no matter what!

The documentation can be forged so it's best to get the car checked out by a professional.
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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
The last thing we want is to ship something that isn't right.
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