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69s are fetching a premium right now in part because most of the cars have been restored or "pro-toured". The latter can fetch more than a resto.
And the date coded castings are getting harder to find.

What people are asking and what they take are two different things.

I saw a really nice SS 350 AC car.....14K original miles unrestored (rust. tears, dings) go for $ unrestored cars are easier to authenticate......bolts....casting dates...etc.

On a restored car you have to put your own value on it.....It is expensive to restore a car.....$30K+ but everything is being forged these days.
So beware.....
-Blocks can being restamped (date codes can't)
-Trim tags can be drilled and forged
-Build sheets can be forged as can protecto-plates

That really nice looking SS could have easily started life as a straight have to be a real expert to distinguish....then its just an opinion.
Because when you do a frame-off resto and take the body down to the can build anything you just need to know the recipe.

So....on a restored car you have to put your own value on it.

The SS in the picture looks very meticulously retored.....almost too much....bias tires, rally wheels, fresh matador red paint, so shiny you can see the Bently reflection...I would need to see the interior and engine comp...but whoever restored it shoved at least $30K into it........the AM/FM stereos in operational condition are $800 alone. You couldn't build that car for $25K, so that would be a good price.

I buy and sell the 1st gens and I wouldn't ever drive one on the road.....I think they drive like sh*t.......

A 2010 drives much better and the AC and stereo work better too.

Good Luck.

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