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Ok, just a few notes from vacation.

Is it really now impossible to drive somewhere and just stop and get hotel when you are tired? Left Chicago after work on Friday and started looking for a hotel in Bowling Green Kentucky. Had to drive til 4:00 am before we found a hotel in Montgomery Alabama. On the way back? FM!!!!! Started looking in Louisville Kentucky and ended up taking a 5 hour engergy and driving straight through.

Is it just me or is Zaxby's good chicken. It's now a guilty pleasure to stop at what most Southerners likely consider a cheesy fast food restaurant. Maybe it's just me but I love saying the name. Zzzzzzzzaxbeeeees. Or maybe it's just the Z. I don't know.

I think the V-22 Osprey flying low over the beach just looks BA. They apparently fly them out of Hulbert Field by Eglin AFB. Apparently AF Special Ops fly out of there. They also fly the AC-130 Spooky out of there too. FU North Korea.
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