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I think you will find that the material, quality, welds, and general material spec are different. I have seen some of the kind you are talking about and they crack easily because the alloy is a compromise.

Look, if you want a header with our true racing Merge collector, then we have it. If you want thicker tubing then we have it.
If you want none of that, then I suggest that you get your hammer out like you said and have at it.
Our full header, mid pipe and X pipe is priced much less than you think. It goes up with the Mufflers or the cats but again, see the photos and you will know.

Then, other than the ebay thin headers, I still want to point out that every header sold in the US has either some content from China. From tubing at the minimum to compete headers for other companies.
Just because they say,"Made in USA" doesn't mean 100%.

ALSO, let me remind you that we do have Corvette "Street Series" with cheaper collectors and a Stamped Merge collector that is made in China and we sell them at a very low price. We will be coming out later this year with a similar "Street Series" LG Header for the Camaro that will be lower prices to meet the market that is only interested in Price.

either way, we do have a life time warrantee and we stand behind our products. If you need tuning for your LG Headers, we have the Mail order tuning available. If you want a Cam, we have tested hundreds of cams to come up with the Best 5-7 cams that work really well in the Camaro with our G5 Cams. We have shocks and suspension parts, Cold air intakes, brakes and Wheels for your Camaro as well.

THAT is what we do. Our 40 years of racing and 3 National championships, even 2 of them were in a Camaro 4th gen. sorry, one championship was in a Mustang :(

We can help you from the nose of your car to the rear bumper and everything in between. If you have an issue with your car, you can call LG Motorsports and we are there for you. We probably even help many of your installers with technical assistance.


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