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Some of the issues are ones that there are no reasons why it can't or shouldn't have been fixed. A squeaky seat? The only way you should have such a problem after the seat has been replaced is if there is a defect in the seat track or the seat is not bolted down tightly/not mounted properly. The Mylink & Frameless mirror was a brand new feature for 2013 so they probably are going to be problematic on 2013 models. I would definitely go with route #1 and see what happens after it's been worked on. I question the quality of service you got when you have taken your car in for the problems you listed above, because probably at least one of if not all of those problems should have been repairable with no issues after that point. There can only be so many possible problems with a squeaky seat, same with the mirror as it probably should have been replace with a new unit, and same with the Mylink, and if they did go refurbished on the mirror & radio, I'd demand brand new parts to be used.
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