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Originally Posted by NoleLife View Post
Sorry to hear that Nyrfan, I definitely feel your pain. I've been having some trouble with my 2013 2SS that I took delivery of in November of 2012 as well...

Continual Onstar Light
Rattling from backseat at times (comes and goes)
The silver bezel around the RPM gauge dash enclosure has pulled away from the dash (possibly cracked retaining clips?)
Poor and clunky shifting from 1st to second and second to third (grinds at times under moderate acceleration even when shifting slowly, with the clutch to the floor)
And lastly, rattling from a lift rod.

I had the car into the dealer I bought it from out of town for the lifter rod sound and they said it was definitely a noisy lifter. They replaced it and it sounded perfect for a day and then came back. I took it to the dealer in my city and they said "It's not serious enough to warrant taking the engine apart again. Drive it normally, and if it gets worse then bring it back in". I asked if its causing problems right now (gas mileage, power) and they said it shouldnt. I asked if the problem is progressive and they said "Could be!"..... GREAT! So Im supposed to drive the car, and if it breaks down on me on a road trip then I am left stranded in the middle of no where, plans cancelled, and a several hundred dollar tow trip back home? Fantastic....

I had been in contact with the Chevrolet Customer Srv account on here (Reggie was the poster) and he said he put in an issue for me in their system and would contact the dealer when I had it in the second time. They never heard from them. I was also told I would be contacted by a District Manager or something similar to discuss my options (because while I will sit here and wait out the problem, I am NOT happy about having a brand new car that cost almost 40grand having these issues with only 6k miles on it). But I NEVER heard from anyone......

So luckily, you are better off than me - at least they have given you options. No one will even talk to me or give me a straight answer.

All I can think about is if the engine is going to die on me the second the warranty is up, screwing me. Family has been long time loyal Chevy Owners (6 vehicles currently) but this is leaving a sour taste in my mouth for any future *new* purchases.
Sorry to hear about your issues. it really does suck when we have to go through issues like this, hopefully it all works out for both of us. Because I love the car I not going to give up without a fight. That's why I wrote this post because I knew I'd get the needed support to help push me through it.

Anyway GM asked me to list ALL my issues and give it to the dealer when I bring the car. I totally forgot about the speedo bezel, so thanks for the reminder.

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