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Performance testing

So today was a GREAT day! Went to the track and dynoed it right after. I had a horrible time tryingWELL, first off it was a bit slower than i though. I was expecting a 13.40 @ 107 and it only went a 13.901 @ 103.94 DA was 2640' Corrected for 2,640 DA that would be a 13.466 @ 107.376.

There are a few reasons of why it was slower than I expected, I haven't raced a manual tranny car in about 5 years, that car was my 98 SS that weighed 2980 with me in it, 28" slicks, 4.56 gears so all i had to do to get a 1.4 60' was rev it to 6,000, drop the clutch and hold on. This car is a completely different animal. My biggest problem was that I could not for the life of me get a good 60', it either bogged or wheel hopped. The first 60' felt like poop on every run, after that it pulled a lot better than i thought. The car having only 550 miles is probably not broken in yet, now that i think about it today was the first time I have had the car over 3k RPM, LOL! I just couldn't wait to go to the track or dyno it cause i have all the parts in our spare room waiting to get installed but I wanted my straight off the showroom floor numbers. But excuses are like a$$holes and everyone has one. Bottom line, not as fast as I had hoped but at least it made it in to the 13's. It would have been a huge embarrassment if it was stuck in the 14's. I'm sure more break in, more practice launching on these tires and some negative DA it might dip into the low 13's.

Speaking of numbers, today I found out Ginger (my car's name, the wife thought it up and it fits PERFECT) is a big girl! I knew she was heavy but WOW. I had her on the track scale and with me in it and half a tank of gas she weighed in at, drum roll please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4,320 lbs!
I figure I'm about 220 lbs fully clothed including my helmet and half a tank of gas is about 60 lbs so the car's dry weight is about 4,040 lbs or so. I'm hopping to bring this down about 100 lbs with some of the mods I am doing.

Another funny side note is that the last time I had my 6,200 lb Escalade ESV (yeah the long one) at the track was before I added the turbo and it ran a 8.976 @ 77.16 MPH. Compared to the SS's 9.133 @ 80.83 MPH today LOL!

Also hit up LG motorsports after the track to get my stock dyno numbers. I was expecting 360ish so I was pretty happy with the results. I don't know how much it matters but when the guy dynoed my car my rear tires were still low on air from just running at the track. They were at 24 psi and I remember that tire pressure can affect dyno numbers a little.

Went to the track with some buddies today! I went this time with my new wheels and all my bolt on mods completed. The next mod will be going in the motor to install the cam and springs. Best time was 13.205 @ 110.79. Corrected for the HORRIBLE 3,351 DA that would be a 12.669 @ 114.165.

So with full bolt ons and about 5,000 more miles on\ the car I picked up .797 seconds and 6.789 mph in the 1/4 mile. Coming up next is a dyno to see how much rwhp I have picked up.


So I went down to Houston for the Texas Camaro Nationals, but couldn't stay for the racing Sunday so I dynoed and got a few runs in on Saturday.

A big thanks to LoneStarCamaro for getting these videos of my car.

This was Ginger's first time on drag radials and I was VERY limited on time so I didn't get to experiment with different psi settings and rpm for a decent launch so I couldn't muster a good 60'. Best time was:

660’ mph...88.13
1320’ mph…112.92

Corrected for the 1692 DA it is about a 12.25 @ 115.154

Here is a Video of me racing HPE650Ragtop. He was on street tires so I was able to get out on him enough to take the W.

Time slip

Me racing a supercharged Roush 427R Mustang

The time slip.


Got a new best today. No changes really, still just bolt ons.

Corrected for +1,429 DA: 12.161 @ 114.515


Raced Ginger against The Beast!


New best MPH, slower ET. Stupid 28" tires.
So I finally made it out to the track, It's been almost a year since I have been. My best is 12.35 @ 112.91 w/1.89 60 ft and today i ran a 12.48 @ 114.16.

I have always said 28" tires were too big for our heavy, under geared cars and tonight proves it. I could not get out of the hole AT ALL with these giant meats, it just kept bogging. With my 26" tires I rode a fine line of getting a decent hook or spinning. I couldn't get these big ole 325/45 17 M&H tires to spin at all. The only good thing was that I was able to cross the traps in 3rd and that probably accounts for the slight bump in MPH.

I don't really know what is next. I want to finally install that 231/236 cam that I bought almost a year and a half ago so I can have that nice lumpy idle and finally break into the 11's, but I know a clutch will soon follow.


I was thinking about finally biting the bullet and getting a 9" set up with some 4.10 or 4.30 gears. That will solve the getting out of the hole on these giant tires problem and I won't be paranoid about blowing up my stock rear AGAIN every time i go to the track.

I was thinking about downsizing to some 26s but with my car being so slammed I like how the 28s raise my car up a little. Plus I sold my 26"fronts to get 28" fronts so I could drive around town with the Welds and not get the traction control lights.

What to do, what to do.....

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