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Originally Posted by TJ91 View Post
haha thats a funny story
Anyone else think that 1:10 in the last vid sounds like a Nascar?!
Sounds badass man, love hearing new setups with the SOLOs
Got to love that VR sound ontop of it
Yeah I guess it does sound a little NASCAR. Is that what the VR sounds like? That's just my "bottom feeder" CAI Inc Intake LOL. I'm pretty happy with the CAI overall. You can definitely get a good idea of what the intake sounds like when the car is coming towards the camera. I've never heard it until the above vids. And then of course my friend drove my car tonight and I got to hear it live as he came towards me at WOT. Sounds the same as on the vid if you're wearing even a decent set of headphones.

It's been triple digit heat for goin on 2 weeks now and I crank up the AC and cruise with my windows down just to hear my exhaust. Does anybody else do this? The sound the exhaust makes during decell after WOT is like a drug that I can't get enough of. Winter is going to be rough.

If I'm honest I don't like the sound at around 2900 RPM under load. Too blatty. Thankfully, it's just for a very brief moment if you're accelerating. I attribute it to the long tubes or the Random Tech HFC's. They are metal matrix (ceramic) vs SOLO's stainless steel HFC's. I wonder if SOLO's HFC's would cure it? That is my only nit about my set up. I think it sounds very good and rumbly at idle and low revs below 2000 rpm and I bet it would sound awesome with the ghost cam. From 2000- 2700 it's decent 2800 -2900, and simply sounds awesome from 3000 RPM to redline.

SOLO's J-pipes's definitely work. I have no drone. My system has had a few thousand miles of seasoning so I'll be playing with those Jpipes now to see what they do to certain frequencies.
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