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Originally Posted by SIXJAK View Post
So last night I decided to take matters into my own hands and shoot some vids of my set up from the outside. My friend that said he would help me became deathly ill for several weeks is just now coming around and I think it's gonna be a while. I used the flimsy excuse of going to the store for milk last night at 11:30. I ended up at the Home Depot and set up there. There was a big rig parked in the parking lot idling but with curtains drawn. Taking a nap....not for long. I actually realized this more fully after my first run:

Knowing how loud my car is I thought it best to set up shop elsewhere. I set up shop behind the Target which is on the other side of Ross which separates Target and Home Depot. See if you can tell when I see the police officer:

Short clip of officer asking what's going on shoulda left the camera running. Would have been priceless.

Turns out the complaint came in for a Camaro engaged in C & I careless and imprudent. Cop told me to relax and that he was a Camaro nut. He asked if he could look at the interior and I said sure. He loved the CAI and headers showed him the J-Pipes on the back of the exhaust. He's restoring an 81 T-Top Berlinetta. Yanked the 2.8 V6 out and installed a 350 crate motor with 4 bolt main and 4 speed auto vs a 3 speed indicative of that vintage. Had pics of it on his phone. Looks pretty good. He's a total gearhead we talked a good hour (small town-I was prolly his craziest call all night) We're gonna try and hook up next week. He wants to drive it. We'll see what happens. LOL.

I finally did go to Walmart and get the milk and some steel wool to polish my exhaust tips. They sure get black fast with the LT's. Anyway one more vid there's a long pause after the initial take off.

sounds good. Love SOLO.
but you really need a better location for these runs...
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