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Originally Posted by daveagogo1 View Post
Is this even for real? Exactly what part of a 1LE looks like a ZL1 going down the road? The side rockers, spoiler , quad exhaust tips and rims?

I'm pretty sure your not going to mistake a ZL1's front fascia and hood coming at you on the road for one of the lesser models.

Maybe a COPO is in order for more exclusivity. Wait.... that kinda resembles a 5th gen as well.

Oh well, off to the Bugatti dealer so i will NEVER be mistaken for a Camaro again.
So can I offer you a LS camaro with a LSA for 60K?? From the side and rear the 1LE and the ZL1 are very similar. I am just saying the 1LE could at least have its own rims While we are at it lets not be naive, when you pay more for something you like for people to know that. People like for others to know they are driving something special period. Still don't believe me check out the sales of the VW Phaeton.
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