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Originally Posted by JMAN311 View Post
Agreed, seems that everything that would differentiate the ZL1 from other models was 'borrowed' for this package. Everything except the hood looks similar, all the front, side, rear body moldings, the exhaust, and wheels look the same.
Originally Posted by 2ndCamaro79 View Post
Maybe its just me, but the 1LE borrows a little too much from the ZL1 for me. I know the real difference is under the hood, but going down the street they will look very similar. I liked the world where no other Camaro looked like the ZL1. It still bothers me that most people don't know if my SS is a V6 or V8. That being said I guess most people will not know my ZL1 is supercharged, exotic slaying beast
Originally Posted by dirishboy View Post
The look doesn't bother me.
What bothers me is more around the fact that with the 1LE in the mix at $40k I am having trouble seeing the $15k price difference to the ZL1
I see both sides to the argument but I agree more with with these guys here. In 69' the ZL1 was so exclusive hell they only built 69 of them. Now with the new ZL1 and a $15K-$20K difference from the 1LE, a little more exclusivity would be nice for the ZL1.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all about making your Camaro the way you want it to look and who cares what others think but like I said, the ZL1 should be a little more exclusive. If GM had developed new wheels for the 1LE instead of using the SSX/ZL1 wheels, then I would have no problems at all. At least then it would not look like a ZL1 at first glance. But in the end its still a Camaro and that's all that should matter
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