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Originally Posted by 3rdgen3 View Post
There is no comparison. The LS3 is 376Ci but it makes a lot more power and torque then any 60's small block, hell even big block. If those old engines had to go by today's power ratings, they would all be showing a lot less power and torque then their advertised numbers from back in the day.

In order of "best" to "worst" the LSx series would look like this (in terms of most HP to LEAST HP, excluding the truck variants):

LS9, LSA, LS7, LS3, LS6, LS2, LS1

The LS1 was the "new gen" 350 at only 346ci and since the LS3 is the "baseline" LS motor for every GM performance car, that would make the LS3 the new "350 of today". It's not directly comparable unfortunately but that's how it is.
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