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Originally Posted by dekan513 View Post
i wouldnt say the ol 60's motors are not comparable . my old man is a sbc guy and those things can pump out some numbers. hes got a lil 64 nova with a 383 that will abliterate some nice 12" tires.
but the ls series is just move friendly and 21 century friendly.
See but we're trying to compare stock for stock (at least thats what the assumption was) and since there is no such thing as a 383sbc from the factory, it doesn't count

I'm not hating on small blocks nor am i saying they're not capable. I've been building/rocking small blocks my whole life..but you cant compare the 23* sbc to a 15* LSx, im sorry, but stock for stock, the LSx outclasses ANY factory made sbc in every way (HP, TQ, MPG, Efficiency, etc).

Built SBC vs Built LSx is a whole other topic..let's try NOT to go there

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