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Originally Posted by int0xic View Post
Basically someone ended up hitting me head on. My whole front end got messed up bad. Both headlights and fog lights busted, bumper broke apart into 3 pieces, grill went with the bumper, hood was bent, one cracked rim and one severely scratched rim. Thankfully air bags didn't deploy and nothing was damaged mechanically. I'm completely covered under the other persons insurance and they're fixing the car right now. The shop owner that's fixing my car is a friend of my dads and I asked him if he could order RS headlight instead of the regular halogen headlights my non-rs Camaro comes with. He called his local dealer and they said the headlights wouldn't work. I then called my local GM dealer and they said it would work. The body shop owner called a different dealer and one guy said it would work and another guy said it wouldn't. I'm so confused! I ordered the lights anyways though. It's the headlight along with the new wireharness. So what I'm trying to ask here is will the rs headlights just plug and play into my 2014 2SS non-rs Camaro?
You got hit head on and are thankful that the airbags didn't deploy? Must have been just a little tap, though it sounds like there is a good bit of damage. Since you provide no pictures, I guess we'll never know. Glad you're alright.
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