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Originally Posted by FEVER View Post
I would be interested for sure. Finding a venue to host such an event could be hard though. I bet the Austin guys can figure it out though. We're getting enough in East Texas to start a regional thing as well. What do you think?

Hey Chris you been driving in White Oak? I've heard of a CGM sighting.
I haven't been in White Oak yet with my Camaro. I used to pass through when I would work at the CVS in Gladewater but I had my truck back then. I live i Longview and work in Marshall. So far I'm the only Camaro in Marshall that I've seen and have only seen 2 other Camaros in Longview.

I figured Austin would be the best bet since most people will be coming from the bigger cities and Austin in a few hours from Dallas, an hour from SA, and 2.5 from Houston.

"Invasion '09" kinda has a kickass ring to it

We need to get a list of all of the Performance Companies/Shops in Texas. Off the top of my head we have: Hennessey, Late Model Racecraft, East Texas Muscle Cars, EVS Motors, ADM Performance, Vararam, Nitrous Outlet... Feel free to add to this list. If we could have these guys come out and showcase their products and bring out one or more of their rides that would be kickass. Also, if any Vendors outside of the state want to come out too... the more the merrier. I really want this to happen. So spread the word guys and see what kind of a response we can get.
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