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Mike.....come on......weight/power?

Anyone knows a V6 is simply a V8 less two holes, the weight is appropriate. The blocks are very similar in mass/volume, as one would expect. It's how well the engine MAKES power that is impressive.

It is rarely discussed here, but true, despite a beefed-up handling package, and bigger brakes, the V6 outhandles the standard packaged SS, and out-breaks/stops it as well. I'm not saying the SS doesn't kick booty, it certainly does. BTW, I have owned every generation of Camaro, save one....all 8's.

But, since every post regarding just about anything V6 contains: "I would never own a V6 Camaro", or the like......I felt like the LFX folks should know, and be proud that the car as a whole, is a very well put together package, and the numbers/stats prove that out quite consistently. We should be focussing on the fact that a car is the sum of it's parts, not just the brute force of the engine that propels it forward.

From "The Joy Of Six - Autoblog 6/99
"You see, you can make a pretty strong case that the V6 is really the better car. In fact, if you're going to drive the Camaro every day, the six-cylinder car is almost certainly the better pick. "

From Auto-Trader Review of the 2012 Camaro
"We highly recommend the Camaro V6 over its SS counterpart for a variety reasons. First off, it offers more-than-enough muscle car for most buyers. Secondly, the V6 is a near-perfect match for its chassis (as opposed to the overly powerful SS). For this reason the Camaro V6 is a better handling car. It's also more fuel efficient and affordable, making it one of the best performance values out there."

From My Car Top 2012
"Promising 323 horsepower from a six-cylinder engine in 2012, the number attached to the Chevrolet Camaro is evermore impressive in historical context. In 1967, the inline-6 powerplant found in the base Chevrolet Camaro produced a meager 140 horsepower. For the 35th anniversary year (2002 which was also the final year for the 4th generation Camaro), the 5.7 liter LS1 V-8 engine achieved 325 horsepower inside the last Chevrolet Camaro SS."

Personally, like it or not, I think the writing is on the wall. The future is going smaller CID, not bigger. And on 87, at @ $48 to fill up......I'm cool wit dat. Rock on LFX's!!
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