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Originally Posted by jimmy5 View Post
You know, had you just not posted about it, and not kept making promises and not keeping them, I probably would have gotten one of your CAI's. But since this has been an entire debacle, and what, 6 months with nothing on the market, I will make it a point to buy either the Roto-fab, or k&n intake. I don't enjoy being strung along and lead on, and I will make my displeasure evident by not doing business with your company, and I do sincerely hope a lot of other people feel the same way. You have handled this terribly.
While I don't feel as strongly as you about it, you will see that I posted in this thread over 9 MONTHS ago and I am still waiting! I was SOOOOO close to pulling the trigger on the Roto-Fab intake, but I am holding out hope that CAI is going to come out with a great product for our ZL1 that does not require a tune. I would also hope that they do something to take care of us LOYAL customers once they do get their product tested and released!

My fingers are still crossed that we will have some news soon. C'mon guys, don't let me down!
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