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Originally Posted by 13GreyVert View Post
Why? Roto-fab is a perfectly good option with great reviews and respectable gains. What do you really expect CAI to come up with 9 months later? Just curious what the rationale for waiting this long to pull the trigger on an intake and waiting for one that may or may not ever show up.
Honestly, if the CAI intake puts out anywhere near the performance of the Roto-fab it is worth the wait for me. To me, looks are as important as function and I think the CAI intake looks a whole lot better. Also, don't forget that CAI is the best performing intake as tested by JRE for the SS, and I have no reason to think that the ZL1 intake won't produce similar results. If that turns out to be the case, I win on both counts- form and function. In reality my ZL1 is going to be sitting in the garage most of the winter, so I have no reason to be in a hurry at this point. If we are still sitting here in the spring with no CAI intake, I might feel differently, but for now I'm sticking it out.
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