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Car N00b with some questions...

ok, I have only just now began getting into cars... I love my baby so much and I can't wait to beef it up a bit more so it can stand up to some of the bullies on the road. I tried looking for a thread on this, but got impatient quickly and gave up.

I don't know much about this stuff so my questions are:
1. What's the difference between Turbo and Supercharger? From what I understand, Turbo is a bolt on and doesn't void the warranty (something that's debatable) and superchargers void the warranty?!?!?!
2. Which is better?
3. Which has more gains/bang for the buck?
4. Which one's better for your stock engine?
5. Which will break your engine faster?
6. Can both be put on and used at the same time?

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