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Originally Posted by SilverTurtle View Post
so my question to everyone is this:
if your local Chevy dealership offered a $7500 package that included the supercharger, a computer flash for said supercharger, a set of stiffer springs and some nifty Z28 badges, would you buy it?
would you have the dealership install it? or would you install it yourself?
would you be more interested in this package if it were to carry a 36month/30,000mile warranty if installed by a GM certified install technician?
$7500 dealer installed. S/C should be ~5g, struts and springs ~1g, Dealer install ~1500. Or sell it to me for $6 I'll do it myself. I'll take the badges in an envelope in the glovebox, and get LT badges Maybe they can ship the items in the trunk with the car from the factory.

Might also consider this, intake/cam/head/exhaust upgrade, standard Hurst short throw shifter, upgrade tires/wheels/suspension, different front fascia, 69 RS style grill, Recaro CLOTH seats, different gauge faces, factory 1" flared front & rear fender wells, ...stop me when I get to 10 grand lol.

It's my understanding cafe applies to pickups as well as cars, that's just madness!
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