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Originally Posted by IOMZL1 View Post
Is 6th an overdrive on the ZR1? Even if it isn't I'd still say it is impressive because you aren't going to get a much better straight for top speed unless you are on the runway at Kennedy space center. So does that mean the top speed of the ZR1 isn't 'usable' while the ZL1s is?

These are real questions I honestly dont know.
The ZR1 gears are closer than the Z06 or ZL1. The ZR1 6 gear redlines at 215 mph. But if you watch the video he decided to stay at the top of 5th at about 6400-6500 rpm if I remember correctly, not shifting to 6 gear. I don't blame him cause the ride was not exactly smooth, I wouldn't want to go faster either without more downforce. It make you wonder what a ZR1 would do with front spliters and a fix rear wing like both the Viper ACR and that special edition LFA had.
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