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Originally Posted by larietrope View Post
The local Ford Dealer has a base 2014 GT 500 Shelby for sticker of 55,595
USAA says I can get the car for 1,888 off that.
I ran the ZL1 and it came up more and G.M. hits you with the gas guzzler tax which Ford doesn't.
Anyway I can get competetive with the Ford on a ZL1 ?
I want a ZL1 but cost is also a factor.
Any light shed on this is apprecited.
I got my ZL1 at supplier price $55,500. You should if you shop be able to get a competitive price between a ZL1 manual and a base GT500.

If I paid supplier price last summer for a Zl1 the deals have to be better now that there ar 7500 or so more cars on the ground.

If you buy new the GG tax is always going to make the ZL1 a tad more money IMO than a base GT500. I mean the cars are the same base price and the ZL1 has $1300 tax added that the GT500 does not. I think resale will be better on the GT500 as well. GM is making more ZL1's than ford is GT500's
2017 zl1 or GT350 hmmmm
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