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Originally Posted by bolteon593 View Post
I like how you manage to not mention that the honda engine your talking about (I'm assuming it's the 237hp engine in the S2000) gets 25% worse gas millage while having one hundred less lbs of torque!!!! and 23 less hp... (when comparing it to the turbo charged I4 found in the colbalt ss)

each engine is engineered differently, i'd rather have more gass millage, more hp, much more tq and a turbo then to have the pride (?) of knowing my engine is mediocre and NA....


the ls3 is a hell of a motor... it's base wouldn't be used in the ls9 if it wasn't. go educate yourself, then be impressed. "car person" hah.

im not saying the ls3 motor isnt one hell of a motor.

the s2000 came out 10 years ago and as far as gas mileage, they both do the same when doing mixed driving which is 21 mpg
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