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It is good to see threads addressing how important good suspensions are to going fast, both in the hills and on the strip. I have a G8GT (438 rwhp, 12.20 on 20" A/S Contis). I have about every suspension piece Pedders makes and I just added adjustable rear toe links, adjustable rear control arms and trailing arms from BMR. Each came with poly bushings. These new arms made an already fantastic, sure footed sedan even better. It is hard to describe but easy to feel. An added bonus of the BMR lower control arms is that they will fit with the Pedders V8 SuperCar remote coil overs. Other arms I've looked at will not fit with them. The BMR arms only require mounting the left coilover on the right and the right on the left and reversing the orientation of the upper adjuster. It is a sweet set-up and the BMR arms are worth every penny they cost and then some.

The SuperCar coilovers have separate compression and rebound adjusters so for the strip i can set them up like drag shocks and get better weight transfer to the rear wheels. These settings, improved suspenion and BMR arms really plant the car.

My 12.2 run was done on very heavy 20" wheels and All-season tires. The next trip will be on 19" summer-only on lighter wheels (total weight savings is 70 pounds). If the track Gods smile on me, I'm hoping to hit or at least frighten the 11s.

I know DRs would be even better but I'm having too much fun being in grocery-getter mode.

0-groceries in 4.3 sec.
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