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Originally Posted by kevinw View Post
i just bought a new 2 LT black vert, 2013. i am 55 and have a 9 yr old son. i want a back seat, even if its small. my dealer still has a 13 new yellow ZL1 vert in showroom, and has had it for a long time. the top has been down at least since June. i woiuldnt think that would be good. its is priced at 58K now. i think its a beautul car, but a car like that is a weekend car at best, and not feasible for daily driver. then, in same showroom is a new 14 vette. guess, how many people around it versus the ZL1? 0 at the ZL1, and about 8 to 10 around the sold vette. its the new kid on the block no doubt. but, the ZL1 still has its place. it still has a back seat and a beautiful car. hats off to you folks on here who have one. Most of the population will never see the day they can plop 60K on a camaro. you guys are fortunate to be able to afford the price of the car and its maintainence and operating costs. enjoy those ZL1!
Amen to that brother. I can speak for myself and I am sure for a few others in saying I am truly blessed to own this car. The most expensive car I will ever buy without winning the lottery and I am truly lucky. My wife is also an invaluable part of this relationship.

On another note, don't be fooled by the new Kid on the block C7. The Corvette is probably one of the slowest selling vehicles GM makes next to the Chevy Volt. The Camaro has enjoyed strong sales since the 2010 models hit the dealer lots. The ZL1 is the top dog so it is an even more calculated purchase for many potential owners and thus takes longer to move.

(Hey, I think I just solved their problem. Why not make a good looking car that people actually want to drive with the Volt technology? C7 with Volt drivetrain for Monday-Friday commuting that can be switched off at the press of a button in favor the 500 hp V8 for the weekend) Cadillac looks to be close with the ELR.

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