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Originally Posted by Rottypiper View Post
I see you're in Brantford. If those are stock tires be careful. They are utterly useless at less than 10C outside and could be considered dangerous. Are you driving this car through the winter?
Hi ! Yes, I am in Brantford (where are you?). I wasn't planning to drive it through the winter; I have a Saab 9-3 as a "winter beater", but that Saab is with the mechanic who screwed up the new clutch (it lasted a week), so I may end up driving it much more than I had in mind this first winter.

Which is a shame: it is so new that the engine has zero dust on it, even. This car, even though it's a 2012, is basically brand new. :-)

Yes, stock tires. Tell me more? And yes, I have noticed that "traction" is not one of the qualities these tires have... what should I do instead? Both if I DO buy snow tires, and if I DON'T?

This car is fantastic. First gear isn't: It's very hard to engage 1st gear smoothly. While that may of course be me, I am not new to manual transmissions: been driving them since 1976. Any advice welcome.
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