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Originally Posted by Stealthpanda View Post
Wouldnt be the first time someones silly I4 TC'd car beat a car that weighs drastically more. Don't misconstrue this as V6 hate, but our ladies need a diet! I know LLT people with suspension work and full bolt-ons NA are running high to mid 13's... but I digress. Havent specifically checked the weight on the, but id have to say its at least 3-500 lbs less before gas and driver :(

Lets just assume he doesnt know how to drive, and you launch hard on him. Cheers.

And to answer your sig, Yes, it does.


Yeah who knows what might happen when we race, I'll just tell him to buy me a turbo then we will talk since he has to be boosted to beat a heavyweight v6 that I love so much. Glad my signature was a yes for you, and nice looking CGM
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