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R-compound tires/wheels for HPDE track use

Hi all,

I'm going to purchase an extra set of wheels and R-compound tires, specifically for track days. I'll keep the stock wheels and Goodyears for street use. It's a hard decision on what to go with, but this is what I'm thinking:

285/35-20 Toyo Proxes R888s front and rear
Factory 1LE/ZL1 forged black OEM wheels (not reproductions)

Here's my criteria:
  • Has to work well with stock 1LE suspension, as well as Pedders if I decide to upgrade later. Square tire sizes, so same size front and rear.
  • Has to work well with Competitive Mode traction/stability control. I read that a ZL1 owner had issues with the much-shorter 305/30-19s, and had to turn it full off. Anyone have any insights on this?
  • Only considering tire sizes that come in R compound. Not street tires or slicks. I need to drive 3 hours to some of my favorite tracks on them.
  • Reasonable price for R compound tires ($400 max). I don't want to pay for Corsas for example, which are typically >$600 each.
  • I don't want to add fender flares like the upcoming Z/28. It'd be nice to avoid rock chips, so it may be that the Z/28's 305s are too wide.
Not a lot of choices in tires, so I'll need to go with the R888s. Reviews I've read are pretty good, but I would appreciate any feedback on these tires. I also heard that I new track tire will be out soon, but I don't recall what it is and what sizes will be available. If anyone can jog my memory, that would be great.

Regarding wheels, I love the stock forged black 1LE wheels. Mean looking, nice and light. Plus, I like the fact that if I ever curb a wheel (god forbid!), I can use my scratched wheel with my track tires, and keep my street wheels/tires looking pristine. I'm hoping to find some take-off wheels slightly used and in perfect condition.

What do you think? Any other suggestions are appreciated!
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